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released August 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Starlight Factory Brooklyn, New York

A modish indie rock quartet born in Brooklyn NY, spring 2015. Achieving a catchy and spacious sound, in various ways. The music draws a popular ear, however is not like anything that's been done before. This form of, "new rock" is punchy, yet absorbing. It's hard hitting, but soft landing. Accomplishing big sound, with ode to simplicity. Complexities, that are easy flowing and understood. ... more

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Track Name: Magnetic Fields
Here we are with the wind beneath our feet
Drifting slowly like two ends begin to meet
It's silly how we act like two magnets on our refigerator door

The sun goes down
and the moon begins to rise
I'd reel it in and bring it down to your side
And say HEY! baby, dont you look beautiful tonight!

Cause I........'m Falling for you.

I see you dancing from the window in my room
Truth may have it, im falling hard for you
Praying OH MY GOD
Oh dear baby let me dance with you

Drifting through the clouds
Im calling it a dream
I think about you and i hope you think of me
Oh let my dream come true i want you to be my special thing

Cause I.....'m Falling for you

She can she knocked on my door
She gave me that dance
Oh which I've been waiting for

She said to open your eyes
For I've been dreaming, dreaming about her all the time

It's silly how we act like two
magnets on our refigerator door
Track Name: Only Girl (acoustic)
Hey there pretty girl whats your name
I'm not sure if your cool or if your sane
But I, Just don't care, at all, anymore
You'll still be my,
Only Girl

I saw you sitting there
Next to that open chair
I Knew it was my chance
and rushed over there
You turned and you looked at me,
I looked in your eyes and I could see
That you'll still be, my,
Only girl

I saw you again the other day
All the seats were full
I didn't know what to do
I knew i could not be with you
But you'll still be, my,
Only girl